The University of Maryland Extension SNAP-Ed program has a variety of curricula used for nutrition education.  These curricula are SNAP-Ed sponsored curricula and can be taught by SNAP-Ed educators or trained trainers.

Edible ABC's

Edible ABC’s is a curriculum targeting preschool aged children and connects the letters of the alphabet with healthy foods and physical activity.



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Physical Activity

Virtual Resources

A A is for Apricots Arm circles  Guide
B B is for Broccoli Balance on one foot like a tree Guide
C C is for Cauliflower Catch a ball Guide 
D D is for Dried Fruits Dance Party Guide
E E is for Edamame Elephant Trunk Swing Guide
F F is for Fresh Apples Fly like a bird Guide
G G is for Green Grapes Grow like a flower Guide 
H H is for Hummus Hop like a kangaroo Guide
I I is for Ice Water Ice skating Guide
J J is for Juicy Pears
J is for Jicama
Jumping Jacks Juicy Pears Guide
Jicama Guide
K K is for Kiwi Kick a ball Guide
L L is for Leaf Lettuce Leap frog Guide
M M is for Mango March in place Guide
N N is for Nectarine Netting a fish Guide
O O is for Orange Open and shut your arms Guide
P P is for Pumpkin Picking Pumpkins Guide
Q Q is for Quick Oats Oatmeal Quickly walk around the room Guide
R R is for Radish Raking Leaves Guide
S S is for Sugar Snap Peas Stretch Guide
T T is for Tomato Toe Touches Guide
U U is for Uncooked Bell Pepper Up and down squats Guide
V V is for Vegetables Victory lap around the room Guide
W W is for Watermelon Waddle like a duck Guide
X Celery “X” “X” jumps Guide
Y Y is for Yogurt Yoga Guide
Z Z is for Zucchini Zig Zag Walking Guide


Market to Mealtime Kids

Market to Mealtime Kids is a curriculum that is teaching kids how foods get from the farm to the table.  This curriculum has been adapted for the youth audience.


Read for Health

Read for Health is a is a language arts-based nutrition and physical activity education curriculum for elementary school students.




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Virtual Resources

Max Goes to the Farmers’ Market English/Spanish See Guide
for access
Happy, Healthy Ajay English/Spanish Video Guide
I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato English/Spanish   Guide
Tomatoes for Neela English/Spanish    
Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds English/Spanish    
My Amazing Body English/Spanish    
Why Do I Need to Eat Fruits and Veggies? English/Spanish    
A Feast for 10

English/Spanish (1)
English/Spanish (2)

The Power of Choice English/Spanish



Berry Tales English/Spanish See Guide for access Guide
Up, Down and Around English/Spanish Video Guide
Bread Lab! English/Spanish    
Dirt, The Scoop on Soil English/Spanish See Guide for Access Guide
Harlem Grown English/Spanish   Guide
Seed, Soil, Sun English/Spanish    
The Two Bite Club English/Spanish


Book     (Spanish)

Time to Eat: Try Fruits and Vegetables with Me English/Spanish



Before We Eat:  From Farm to Table English/Spanish   Guide 
Potter the Otter:  A Tale About Water English/Spanish video Guide
Move Your Body! My Exercise Tips English/Spanish    
How Did That Get Into My Lunchbox? English/Spanish   Guide
Grow Strong! A Book About Healthy Habits English/Spanish    
Choose Good Food: My Eating Tips English/Spanish    
Don’t Yuck My Yum English/Spanish Video  Guide 


Other great curricula and resources to use to teach nutrition:

Dig In!

Dig In! is a gardening and nutrition curriculum designed for grades 5 and 6.  Dig In is a Team Nutrition curriculum. To access through Team Nutrition, visit: .


Additional Resources:

Grow It, Try It, Like It!

Grow It, Try It, Like It! is a garden-themed curriculum targeted for use with young children. Grow It, Try It, Like It is a Team Nutrition curriculum.  To access through Team Nutrition, visit:


Additional Resources:


Healthy Kids Out of School Curriculum