Fundraisers are an important way for schools to generate money for activities and programs not covered by the school’s regular operating budget: sports teams, field trips, scholarships, new programs, or classroom equipment.  Many fundraisers involve selling unhealthy food items throughout the school year.  

Teachers can advocate for fundraising without having to sell unhealthy food items.  Encourage school administrators and the parent teacher organization (PTA/PTO) to look for other ways to raise money in the school that are consistent with the school’s health and wellness priorities. 

  • Watch the video above from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for healthy fundraising ideas to get your school excited!
  • Review Healthy Fundraising Solutions and share with your school administration and PTO/PTA organization.  Determine 2-3 fundraisers that would work for your school.
  • Find ideas for promoting healthy eating, physical activity and non-food fundraising with the Action for Healthy Kids Tipsheet.  
  • Search for “healthy fundraisers” or “fruit fundraisers” on the internet. Look for companies offer ready-to-go fundraiser packages selling healthy or non-food items (wristbands, candles, tote bags, etc) that earn your school lots of money.
  • Sell farm fresh produce or plants as a fundraiser. You’ll be supporting local agriculture while raising money providing healthy foods!
  • Be thoughtful in choosing restaurants for fundraiser nights. Ensure there are at least a few healthy options on the menu. Promote healthy choices when promoting the fundraiser.
  • Work with your school’s wellness team or administrators to set policies for what types of foods may be included in fundraisers that take place during and outside of school. See an example of a model wellness policy that includes information about fundraisers at the school. 

Wellness Policy

Check your school district’s wellness policy for guidelines for fundraising within your school. At a minimum, all fundraising that happens during the school day must comply with Smart Snacks standards; however, your district may choose to set guidelines for fundraisers that happen outside of school. Watch the video on Maryland Smart Snacks to get ideas for your school. 

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