Drink Water

Healthy Beverages

Access to drinking water throughout the day gives students an opportunity to stay hydrated which may improve their cognitive function (readiness to learn), dental, and physical health. When water is encouraged and sugar-sweetened beverages  are limited, students are more able to concentrate.Select from your favorite ideas below and launch a school-wide water campaign!

Educate yourself about hydration and healthy beverage choices:

Educate your students about hydration and healthy beverage choices

Promote Sip the Water Drop throughout the school

Make drinking water fun through songs and games

Have students market water to their peers

  • Assign students to write about their “water journey” as they set goals for healthy beverage choices
  • Encourage students to create commercials for drinking water to share on the morning announcements

Create a classroom or school policy that makes water available throughout the day

  • Allow students to have water bottles on their desk. Use stickers on bottles to remind them they are for water only.
  • Decrease sugary beverages at celebrations and school events
    • Offer water, unsweetened seltzer, or flavored water during classroom celebrations
    • Set up a free water cooler at the concession stand at school events, and promote water with posters
  • Make a classroom commitment to drinking water

Help to increase access to safe drinking water for students in your school through grants and school fundraisers

Be a healthy beverage role model

  • Follow these tips for drinking more water
  • Pledge to drink more water and fewer sugary beverages
  • Track your water intake, and invite your students to do the same!

Educate parents through newsletters: