Maryland Blue Print

In 2020, the Maryland State Legislature passed landmark legislation to reform public education in the state. The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, often referred to as “The Blueprint”, aims to provide all students, regardless of socioeconomic or other circumstances, a world class pre-K through 12 education. You can find out more about the five pillars of the Blueprint here.

Much of the Blueprint’s implementation plan focuses on strengthening the resources available to populations that often experience achievement gaps. Providing school-based services that remove barriers to learning for low-income students is a key component of the Blueprint.

As such, Maryland SNAP-Ed is a key partner in Blueprint implementation across the state. We partner with Community Schools, funded through the Blueprint, to provide expanded nutrition education programming, both in school and out of school. We partner with early childhood sites and Judy Centers to educate parents and caregivers about nutrition and physical activity for young children. And we work with all youth sites to create environments that support healthy eating and physical activity behaviors–key factors in supporting students that are present, healthy, and ready to learn.

Learn more about SNAP-Ed’s work with Community Schools here.

If you work at a Community School in Maryland, or at a preschool, Judy Centers, or other early childhood site serving low-income audiences, contact SNAP-Ed to discuss how we can partner: