Gilpin Manor Elementary School students and teachers in Cecil Co. were offered bottled water along with a cup filled with fresh fruit in an effort to encourage them to taste water in a new way! The cafeteria manager teamed with the school nurse and hung educational posters featuring the health benefits of drinking water, all around the cafeteria. During lunch, informative and educational videos provided by MD SNAP-Ed were played on a large screen. We received positive feedback from all!

Time Dedication/Commitment:
2-3 hours were invested over a few days in order to get things together. The cafeteria manager reached out to the principal to play the MD SNAP-Ed water video on the screen through the lunch periods. The school nurse created the posters, and about 20 minutes were spent hanging signs to promote the event. The cafeteria manager ordered extra fruit to be added to the normal produce delivery. Cafeteria staff helped to wash, cut, and cup the fruit the morning of the event.

The students talked about the flavored water for a couple days after the event and asked when we would be doing it again. All feedback was positive.