Worksite Wellness Ideas

Provide healthy options at staff meetings and celebrations using this Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit.

Use this USDA Local School Wellness Policy Outreach Toolkit to build a healthy school environment for your students and you!

5210 Let’s Go is a great resource for more information on building a healthy workplace.

In addition to FSNE nutrition education materials, use these resources to engage staff in nutrition education.

Make fitness breaks easy for staff with Staff Fitness Break Cards that can be printed and provided to staff members to use throughout the day, or place in the breakroom.

Use the Worksite Wellness SuperTracker as a guide to get your wellness program started.

Walking is a great way to engage with your co-workers.  Use the Map My Walk app to make walking fun.

Walk Maryland Day is a great way to get your entire site, parents, and your community in health and wellness.

Use this Out of School Toolkit to encourage wellness in Out of School settings.