Drink Water

Drink Water for Health and Hydration! Water is important for everything our body does.  In the summer, it is easy to become dehydrated.  Engage kids in fun activities to remind them of the importance of drinking water.

  • Be a Water Champion for you school. Use this guide for ideas on incorporating water into the school day.
  • Encourage staff and participants to drink more water and share these important tips about water from SNAP-Ed’s Sip the Water Drop: Sip’s Water Tips.
  • Bring a water bottle to work each day and drink from it in front of kids.
  • Use water to bring attention to positive actions of participants: Make sure everyone has a cup of water and make a “toast” to good decisions, kindness to others, healthful actions, or other positive behavior.
  • Experiment with the effects of water on a small plant:
    • Plant a bean seed in a small container of potting soil.
    • Keep the bean watered until it grows and sprouts leaves for a couple of weeks.
    • Stop watering the plant and ask students to observe and record how the growth and appearance of the plant changes.
    • Give the plant water after several days and watch for any changes.
  • Get younger participants excited about water by reading Potter the Otter Download the free e-book and explore why it is important to drink water.
  • Share this blog post through social media or parent emails,“Staying Hydrated in the Summer,” with parents to help keep kids hydrated and healthy over the summer. (Printable PDF)
  • Encourage drinking water at home with this newsletter (Spanish) for parents that provides the benefits of water and a recipe for flavored water.