Happy spring! This is a great time of year to discuss health, nutrition, and wellness with your students.

MarchNational Nutrition Month: Select a different theme to share with your students each week or have your students create weekly blogs, posters and letters to their family members describing their favorite foods to eat during family mealtime.

March 4-8 – National School Breakfast Week – Does your school participate in the classroom breakfast program? Ask your students to describe their favorite breakfast food that they eat for lunch or dinner.

March 17th – St Patrick’s Day: Kids can wear green and try green foods!

March 14th – National Agricultural Day

March 26th – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: Encourage kids to get creative and come up with their own holidays or come up with one as a class. Identify a holiday “meal” or food item to make in class.

April – National Gardening Month – Read more about School Gardens

AprilMove More Month: Go on a walk around the playground or school with your students. Register for a free toolkit to promote this healthy holiday here:

April 6th – Fresh Tomato Day: Try making fresh salsa with your students.

April 7th – World Health Day: In addition to eating healthy, ask your students to describe other healthy behaviors they do with their family. Examples include brushing their teeth, going to a walk before dinner, helping to prepare dinner or clean up after a family meal. Easy recipe ideas.

April 24th-28th – National Every Kid Healthy Week

May – Strawberry Month: Try making a colorful parfait with yogurt, granola, and strawberries! Or try our Fruit Salsa Recipe to share with your students.

May – National Physical Fitness and Sports Month: How is your school or classroom planning to promote this monthly event? Ask students for suggestions for ways they can be physically active in the classroom. Examples include brain breaks, activity corner, etc.

May 1-7thNational Screen Free Week: Encourage kids to unplug from their electronic devices and play outside this week! Have your students keep track of how many hours they use screens for non-school activities? Print our Screen Free Week Newsletter.