National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) Celebrated March 4-8, 2019

The School Breakfast Program (SBP) makes it possible for all school children in the United States to receive a nutritious breakfast every school day. National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) was launched in 1989 to raise awareness of the availability of the School Breakfast Program (SBP) to all children. This year’s theme, “Take the School Breakfast Challenge,” encourages parents, students and school officials to start their morning with a healthy breakfast.

School Nutrition Association Official NSBW 2019 toolkit: Use the toolkit for ideas on how to celebrate breakfast not only in March, but with year-long activities!

Action For Healthy Kids – Build A Better Breakfast: This resource provides daily ideas to help students, teachers, and parents celebrate NSBW.

Team Nutrition Elementary School Posters offers a Launch Your Day with Breakfast poster and Start Your Day On The Right Foot: Walk To Breakfast. Perfect to have displayed at your school during National School Breakfast Week!

Here are two examples to consider trying:

    • Ask older students to serve as breakfast photographers to take pictures of students eating breakfast at school. Share pictures on social media, on the school website and in the school newsletter.
    • Send materials to parents to review and implement breakfast ideas at home.

Hear the Maryland Crunch – On Wednesday March 6th at 9:15 am, thousands of Marylanders will bite into apples simultaneously, to help raise awareness of the important role that school breakfast plays in ensuring children have access to healthy food.

Host a Taste Test: Allow students to try new breakfast foods in the classroom!

Try these simple ideas to help your students celebrate NSBW:

  • Have students write sample morning announcements about the importance of breakfast.
  • Host a family breakfast where parents and siblings can eat together in the cafeteria or classroom. Have students create the promotional materials and decorations.
  • Have students design a classroom bulletin board with their favorite breakfast foods; or maybe something about creating a graph showing all the fruits consumed during breakfast for a week.
  • Bring breakfast into the classroom during a variety of subjects!
    • During math, work with students to research the number of calories they ate for breakfast this morning and graph the class’ favorite breakfast foods.
    • During science class, help students identify where their favorite breakfast foods come from (apples from trees, milk from cows, etc.)
    • During language arts, have students write poems about the benefits of breakfast.

Other Ideas

Drawing a Better Breakfast – Ask younger students to depict their favorite breakfast items. Have them share them with the class.

Show and Tell – Ask kids to bring in their favorite breakfast item to share with the class.

Writing Contest – Challenge older students to write an essay on the benefits on breakfast for students.

Be a role Model – Show your class what you ate for breakfast (be sure to get a good example).

Find breakfast recipes on our Eat Smart web site