American Education Week is November 12-16th. This is a time to bring communities together to celebrate public schools and those that make them great. Each day of American Education Week has a theme to recognize all of the educational supporters in the school and community.

  • Monday: Kick-Off
  • Tuesday: Invite Parents to School
  • Wednesday: Education Support Professionals
  • Thursday: Educator for a Day
  • Friday: Substitute Educators

A great way to kick off this celebration is to have students plan a “What I like best about my school” contest for all grades. Younger students can create pictures and older students can write essays with illustrations. Invite parents and community members to the school and display these around the school for all visitors to see. Select several students to share their stories during morning announcements throughout the week.

Give your school a big hug by planning an event in which students and staff hold hands and form a circle around the school and invite local media to cover the event. For more ideas, visit this site.

Some fun books to inspire students and parents include: “What if There Were No Teachers?”, by Caron Chandler Loveless and “Because I Had a Teacher”, by Kobi Yamada.