Fall brings changes in weather but also new seasonal produce. October is National Apple Month. Celebrate by visiting your local apple orchard or farmer’s market for some delicious apples.

Read these Apple Facts:

  • Apples are fat, sodium and cholesterol free. A medium size apple is about 100 calories. Apples are a smart choice for a low calorie snack, or a light refreshing dessert!
  • Apples provide important nutrients like fiber and other antioxidants that may help lower the chance of developing some diseases.
  • Apples are very versatile! They can be eaten or cooked.  Try them in salads, smoothies, and baked goods.  You can use them alone or combined with other ingredients.
  • Having trouble keeping your cut apples from turning brown? Squeeze some lemon juice on to keep them looking fresh!
  • Apples stored at room temperature ripen quickly. Place in the refrigerator for longer storage.  Wash your apples under cold running water and pat dry before eating.
  • Apples are available year-round in the grocery store, many delicious varieties are only available when they are in season in Maryland. Visit your local farmers’ market to find new local apple varieties to try.

Maryland is home to 13 different types of Apple. These local apple varieties include:

  1. Crimson Crisp
  2. Redfree
  3. Ginger Gold
  4. Liberty
  5. Gala
  6. Freedom
  7. Empire
  8. Golden Delicious
  9. Enterprise
  10. Goldrush
  11. Mutsu
  12. Stayman
  13. Braeburn

Bring apples to your classroom this fall. There are many different ways to incorporate apples. Try these lessons:

Apples can be found all over Maryland with 171 Orchards and over 100 Farmers Markets, go check one out today!

Quick and Easy Apple Snacks to have in school:

  • Apple slices dipped in peanut butter, sunflower butter, or other nut butter
  • Apple sliced with cheese
  • Baked Apple chips

Great Apple Recipes to try at home: