Maryland Homegrown School Lunch Week (HGSLW) – A statewide celebration of efforts to integrate local foods into school menus

Sample social media posts for Maryland Homegrown School Lunch Week

FSNE educators and teachers use this annual event as an opportunity to craft a multi-layered SEM intervention at FSNE schools:

  • Students are tasting local products in the cafeteria
  • Students have opportunities to learn about, help prepare, and taste locally-grown food in the classroom
  • Students are engaged in gardening and nutrition lessons and activities that support HGSLW
  • Local farmers and producers can be invited to the school to speak to students about local agriculture

How can you get involved?

  • Review the school menu – are local items highlighted?
  • Connect with the county food service director to determine county-wide events.
  • Chat with the cafeteria manager to learn of any items that will be promoted.
  • Connect with administration to learn of any school-wide events.
  • Determine how to support and promote Farm to School activities that are happening in your school/county.
  • During your FSNE lesson – promote foods tasted in the cafeteria during HGSLW.
  • Build lessons around locally-grown foods.
  • Invite local farmers to discuss locally-grown products and agriculture in general.
  • Provide in-direct materials to go home with students
  • Promote HGSLW or farm to school on school’s morning announcements
  • Promote HGSLW or Farm to school with a classroom door decorating contest
  • Hang posters in the cafeteria

FSNE Educators can :

  • Select a Read for Health book/tasting to highlight local foods or particular items from the week’s menu
  • Market to Mealtime (M2M) :
    • Use the summer or fall lesson, depending on the menu.
    • Display in parent room or area with high parent traffic.
    • Sponsor a Worksite Wellness Lunch and Learn for teachers (include a tasting).
    • Share recipes with staff and parents that include local items featured on cafeteria menu.
  • Nutrition to Go
    • Show simple Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables.
    • Put Nutrition to Go displays in parent room or area with high parent traffic.
    • Provide a Lunch and Learn session for teachers (include a tasting of fall fruits and vegetables)

Other ideas to consider during Homegrown School Lunch Week:

Connect with Parents: