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Make sure you understand the fundamentals of food safety before serving food to students. The resources below will get you up to speed on the food safety topics relevant to doing classroom tastings and other healthy food activities.

  • Food Safety Checklist and Pledge: This handy checklist will remind you of key actions you must take to minimize the spread of germs through food contact.
  • The How’s and Why’s of Classroom Food Safety: This reference is a great accompaniment to the checklist, providing additional information for teachers serving healthy foods in their classroom.
  • Tips for Fresh Produce Safety: Watch a quick video and refer to fresh produce safety tips to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy. You’ll find a wealth of information throughout the gov website.
  • Print this handy reference to remind you of the steps for maintaining produce food safety. Want to learn more? Read through this presentation on produce food safety.
  • This basic food safety training (four lessons, self-paced) covers the full spectrum of food safety, from fruits and vegetables to meats and dairy.