Autumn is the perfect time to celebrate at school. Celebrations can involve one classroom or the entire school.  When planning large celebrations be sure to include students, parents, the cafeteria staff, administration, school nurse, school wellness committee.

Here’s one idea from – Try this new spin on apple bobbing: Cut out lots of apples from red construction paper. On each apple, write activities for kids, such as “do 5 jumping jacks.” Place a paper clip on each apple and put them in a large basket. Tie a magnet to a string. Let the children take turns “bobbing” with their magnet and doing the activity written on their apple. Give children a fresh apple for participating.

Here are a few other events that could be celebrated in a healthy way:

Football – Can be done any time in the fall

October Eat Better Eat Together Month

October – National Apple Month

October National Farm to School Month

Healthy Halloween Games

Fall Festival Ideas (See page 8)

Celebrate with a Tailgate (See page 19)

Harvest Festival (See page 27)

November – Native American Heritage Month

November – Election Day (Let students vote on their favorite new foods)

November – Thanksgiving

Other possible events to celebrate during different months of the year.

FSNE educators and teachers could use these events as opportunities to craft a multi-layered SEM intervention at FSNE schools.

Curricular Connections: Extending classroom-based nutrition education into the cafeteria helps students connect the information they’ve learned to the choices available in the lunchroom. Many fall celebrations can be conducted in the cafeteria.  See our section on the Cafeteria Classroom Connection.

 Healthy Food Ideas:

Healthy Celebrations

Celebrate in a Healthy Way

Promoting Healthy Celebrations

 Connect with Parents:

General Resources:

Team Nutrition Popular Events Idea Booklet