November is a month of celebrations featuring the gathering of friends, family and of course, food! It is also a great time to promote being active in the classroom. Here are some ways you can be active while promoting November holidays:

  • Bowling for Turkeys – tape a laminated picture of a turkey to a plastic bowling pin or empty 2 liter soda bottle. Set up a “lane” in your classroom. Use tennis balls to knock down the turkey pins. How many turkeys can be knocked down in one try?
  • Turkey Maze – Ask students to help to create a fall themed obstacle course or maze in your classroom.
  • Freeze dance – Play a song and have students dance until you pause the song. Everyone must “freeze” when the music stops. Anyone who is still dancing when the music stops will return to his or her seat until the song is over.
  • The Exercise Turkey – Write down a few of your favorite physical activities (jumping, dancing, spinning, etc.) on separate pieces of paper shaped like turkey feathers. Toss these in a hat and pick a random activity for your students to enjoy! Place completed exercises on a featherless turkey in the front of the room. By Thanksgiving, the turkey will be covered with feathers.

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Are you curious about school policies related to meals served in school, healthy foods offered and being physically active? School wellness policies provide this information!

Looking for more resources to help promote physical activity at school? Visit these sites to learn about being active throughout the school day: